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What is solar energy and why is it important?

Solar energy is growing at an incredible rate, and the number of consumers using solar panels on their home has increased drastically. The trend is looking to continue in the same direction.

Solar has become increasingly popular due to the long-term value of solar as an energy source. While many claim solar panels are cost prohibitive, the long-term benefit and payout of a properly designed and installed solar system will be pay for itself multiple times over throughout the lifetime of the system.

Solar energy is considered one of the cleanest sources of energy. Because of that, many consumers want to install a solar system on their home. Depending on the area you're in, it may be more difficult to find a trusted company to help with the solar design and installation process. However, once you find a reputable company to work with, asking them the questions and concerns you have can make the process smooth and painless for you.

You can also do some additional research on social media or video sites. For example, this YouTube solar in Chicago video outlines the process of one of the companies and how they handle the design and install of your solar panel system.

For more information on solar as an industry, you should check out Energy.gov and read through the articles they have.

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